Friday, July 30, 2010

Castle - Moonglow Tower

A moonglow castle is a popular choice for those wishing to play aggressively. They make the 2nd best stat offensive unit, the Mage, while Berserkers are 1st place. Warlocks come in at 5th place according to the 1.75x worth in gold that was mentioned here. Although Mages are the 2nd best efficient unit, they are still very important in a large army. There are two sides to a battle story. Mages/Warlocks offer a different type of attack, the magic attack. Having this type of attack means that the enemy must have good defense in magic which come from ballistas, rangers, templars, and paladins. Magic is very good at killing troops with low magic defense like war galleons, knights, and catapults.

Almost every player begins the game by making rangers and guardians as defense which can handle attacks by berserkers and knights. Most players aren't equipped to handle magic attacks by mages, which is what gives this unit an edge in the battlefield. In order for the defender to effectively defense against mages, they'll have to make a trinsic temple castle, which is pretty rare in itself.

Anyway, Here is the Moonglow Castle layout I put together in the LOU Flash City Planner.

Max units: 200,000
Training Speed: 6300% 
Construction Speed: 900%
Mages - 10 seconds each or  9,072 / day
Warlocks - 21 seconds each or 4,187 / day
Food Produced: 42,615 / hr
Food Required: 41,666 / hr for 200,000 Mages or 83,333 / hr for 100k Warlocks

This layout is similar to the Training Ground Castle. Make sure you make >2000% construction speed (20-40 cottages) depending how quick you want to complete the castle. The amount of farms and barracks were slightly modified to fit the food requirements. Interesting Note - In order to build Mages nonstop at 6300%, you'll need to produce 56,700 gold / hour!

Tweak this layout to your desire (add/replace warehouses, swap farms, trinsic temple, cottages, etc) as this is a general Moonglow Castle layout. Good luck! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe! Thanks for the support!


  1. Why food balance? I notice you only have 216k units and a 10 second recruitment time. With an offensive city recovery time and total strength are paramount. This is because you'll often be splashing against a much larger defense. In fact always because defense can pool and offense can't. My current design can house 200k mages, 400 frigates and recruit in 8 seconds. There's 0 food production but enough storage for about 2 million. Enough if you're an active player.

    Also, while zerks might be the best offense/unit cost they are not the best. Mages are because they pack a much bigger punch/headspace. I've seen zerk armies just bounce off well made defenses where mages still cut large swathes out of them. But in LoU it really doesn't pay to be aggressive anyway since a perfect defense is possible.

  2. Anon, Thanks for the reply! You bring up valid points and you are correct that the offense needs to be high in quantity in order to put up a decent fight against combined defenses. No build is perfect as there are many different types of players out there. The build listed here is a relatively popular build in that it requires no imported food. I guess you can say that this build is for the 'good' player while a 0 food castle can be for the elite player that has time to shuffle resources all day everyday.

    Some players have near 200 cities nowadays and imagine if they had to import food to every castle of theirs just to keep them alive. That alone would drive me crazy :) This build is, in my opinion, better than average by far.

  3. Well nice layout but what if you get under siege ?
    No food storage..
    No cottages Walls are going to take forever to rebuild (gonna spend too much of diamonds)
    Also with 175k storage building of units gonna be pain..

  4. Everybody has their own 'perfect' layout. This is a basic layout and you should always "Tweak this layout to your desire (add warehouses, swap farms, etc) as this is a general Moonglow Castle layout."

    I agree on the cots. Personally, I keep my castles at about 800% and I don't expect to be hit often because of my size, location, alliance.

    Basically, make the center like this, everything else (farms, cots, warehouses) are all tweakable to your style.

  5. It's tweakable. Modify to your tastes. It's not hard to add 5 cots. :]

  6. Played a little bit with the layout and optimized it a bit. For the lazy ones ;)

    Same stats as above except:
    Max units: 208,000
    Food Produced: 43,527 / hr
    Food Required: 43,333 / hr for 208,000 Mages or 86,666 / hr for 104k Warlocks

  7. i'm going to troll here..

    I'm guessing you have what 5 cities? because the 'cost' of a unit is irrelevant to there strength. You should already know that resources are unlimited, there by making any 'cost' comparison silly talk. You are an idiot if you defend against mages with ballista. Ballista have 200 magic defense, they count as 10 units meaning per unit they have 20 magic defense. You might as well use guardians to defend against mages, same values.

    "They make the 2nd best stat offensive unit, the Mage, while Berserkers are 1st place." again, compared to the value? why? these attacking units are purely situational, if you run into a bunch of templars you use zerkers, if you run into a bunch of rangers you use mages, which ones best? mages because the only stat that matters is ATTACK vs DEFENSE and depending on the numbers you can usually get much more ATTACK/DEFENSE ratio even when attacking templars.

  8. can some one tell me how food balance do i need for 100k Paladins?

  9. This setup is completely center on magic. What about the other defenses? How do you handle them?

  10. Is it not better to have both bersekers and mages in a castle? I mean if you attack from 2 castles (1 berseker only and 1 mages only) then you lose more troops as you can't make them attack at exactly the same time. I'm planning now 2 castles and I don't know what's the best course of action. What do you think? Thanks

  11. "a trinsic temple castle, which is pretty rare in itself."
    This was the first type i ever built... Paladins are good defense (except v cavalry) and great for dungeon raiding, more so with some cavalry speed research...

  12. Only cause you built your first castle a trinsic doesn't mean it isnt rare..

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