Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tools for the Competent Player

There are many tools available for Lord of Ultima. These are a few of my favorites for those who want to compete against the best.

1) LOU Tweak
A Chrome / Firefox add-on that enables keyboard shortcuts. Some features:
  • Upgrade / Downgrade buildings with keyboard (u, d - once; Shift+u, Shift+d - max, d - works for natural resources too)
  • Generate city layout sharestring
  • Create Moonstones buttons
  • Clickable coords in chat
  • Selectable chat text
  • Current / Max Queue info
Lou Tweak was created by AmpliDude. Greasemonkey created by Anthony Lieuallen, Aaron Boodman, Johan Sundstrom.

Chrome Users: Install Lou Tweak
Firefox Users: Install GreasemonkeyInstall Lou Tweak

2) LOU Summary
A Firefox add-on that gives you a window with a summary of ALL of your cities. This is a must for those with more than 10 cities. You'll know exactly when you need to shuffle resources and building/training time completion. Created by Raisun.

3) LOU Player/Alliance Statistic Tool
This web page will allow you to view an alliance or player's growth over time on a graph over the past 26 days. You can use this to compare yourself vs another players or an alliance vs another alliance. Additionally, you can find out whether your neighbor has quit playing by seeing no growth (0 slope on the graph). Make sure you check capitalization in the names because they are case sensitive. Created by dokan.

4) Combat Calculator
This will give you a pretty good estimate of the outcome of a battle. Use this to estimate whether or not you should attack. A good scout report is required so you know their Tower types and levels. Created by Crenshaw.

5) LOU Flash City Planner
Ever wonder what kind of income you would make when your town is complete? Use this tool to plan ahead for your city. Modify your buildings and try to squeeze out the most efficiency with what you've got. Created by Lee Trilsback.



  1. The combat calculator isn't great. It was off by about 50% (too low) as the number of troops I'd lose. Still, as a work in progress, it is useful!

  2. Very interesting, Sci-Guy, do you have the numbers? Were you the defender or offender?

  3. Who created the tools?

  4. The authors of each tool has been added.

  5. I was the attacker (I wasn't the "offender" lol). The problem may be related to the fact that I killed all the defensive units and the calculator can't handle that. I tried many different ways of inputting the towers etc. I lost 5.5k K and 1.2k Sc but the defender lost all troops. Best I could get out of the tool was 3.8k K loss and it never reported me losing scouts (likely a bug I guess). This was also an assault. The plunder or siege values may be better, I haven't tried yet. Cool tool though


  6. For those that come across this blog now adays, the new Flash City Planner offers a lot more than the old one

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